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Every year Saveur magazine has a contest for the best food blogs of the year.  The blogs span various categories, including Best Photograph, Best Essay, Best Beer/Wine Blog, and of course the heavy hitters like Best Professional Blog, Best Food Photography, etc.  I always like perusing the entries (and voting!) because it’s a great way to hook up with new amazing writers who like to talk about one of my favorite topics – food. 

As an interesting side note – I’ve always had a secret wish to be a food photographer for cookbooks.  I remember having that little ambition since I watched The Frugal Gourmet on PBS and began my cookbook collection in high school (which, as a hater of all things clutter, is a big deal…this collection takes up an entire bookshelf).  There’s just something so enticing about beautiful food.

Anyway, the contest for 2011 is going strong, and I found some new gorgeous sites to keep on my radar.  Looking at these make me want a new camera lens. 

Beyond [the Plate]

Dessert for Breakfast

Eat the Love

Not Without Salt

Seven Spoons

Sprouted Kitchen

Sunday Suppers

The Bitten Word

The Wednesday Chef

What Katie Ate

What the Hell Does a Vegan Eat Anyway?



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Just an example of the Google Reader view - not my own...

I’m kind of a blog junkie.  I like reading blogs through my beloved Google Reader and given my tendencies to throw things away mercilessly, I am always editing the blogs I follow.  For example, a couple years back I went through a phase where I was looking for new books to read – and to help me out, I subscribed to all these book review blogs.  The problem was that after a couple months of reading about other peoples’ reading (and some of the bloggers read a book a day on average), I started to feel like my reading efforts were pathetic, so I unsubscribed from all of them.  I find that in the book arena, an hour of wandering through Borders gives me plenty of ideas for good reads, which I then get through the library (because I’m also a library junkie). 

Currently, I have my blogs of choice organized in Categories that mimic my current interests: General, Food, Health, Home, Photography, Inspire, Travel and Travel Hacking. And as of today, I’m following about 50 blogs.  Like many other blog junkies, I have some blogs I read for straight up information, some for the inspiring photos and some because I secretly hate the blogger but am simultaneously enamored or jealous of their life.  This last issue comes up a lot for me with photography blogs (their lives always seem so glamorous) and round-the-world travel blogs (especially those blogs that feature people who have figured out to live and work on the road indefinitely). 

I know that if you’re spending the time to read this, then you probably have a few minutes to check out sites where I happen to spend a lot of my free time.  These sites are really all over the map as far as content goes, but if you like one in particular, most bloggers list their favorite sites on a side toolbar, allowing you to check out other websites about a topic you like, and add them to your own Google Reader, thus continuing the blog cycle…it’s a dangerous thing. 

Joy the Baker – love the photos, love the final products, wish I had the time to bake like this and/or cared more about following recipes.  Following recipes is not my strong suit…

Dear Prudence (via Slate Magazine) – I read Miss Manners and Ann Landers as a kid, and my need to read about the crazy issues/dilemmas/mishaps of others just won’t die.  Hey, at least I’m not watching Hoarders anymore!

The Art of Non-Conformity – I have a love/hate relationship with Chris Guillebeau.  His writing inspires my desire to travel far and wide (and for free if possible) and to lead a remarkable and intentional life.  His ability to do it all while having a best-selling book pisses me off.

Carrots ‘n’ Cake – I generally am not a huge fan of healthy living blogs (written mostly by twenty-something former high school athletes that exercise like crazy and take photos of everything they eat) because I think they might perpetuate crazy and/or unhealthy attitudes.  Tina, who writes this blog and lives nearby, is the only one I can stomach.  I like how much she loves oatmeal and we were probably friends in a former life. 

Young House Love – A young couple buys a small house, fixes it up on a tight budget and creates a blog about their home improvements.  The blog becomes hugely popular, they are able to quit their ‘normal’ jobs, have a baby, sell said house in a terrible housing market, buy another fixer-upper and start again.  I, on the other hand, hate home improvement projects and I secretly torture myself by reading this every day and I also wish I could pay these two to fix up my house. 

The Happiness Project – Love this book, love this website, love Gretchen’s videos.  Love the whole back story of ‘lawyer hates job, becomes writer, focuses writing on happiness.’  Wish I had thought of all of it. 

The Road Forks – This couple left their jobs (kind of, because they’re two of the people I’m insanely jealous of who work while they travel), took off for a thirteen month journey around the world and are about to embark on another fifteen month trip to Europe – with their dogs.  This site is beautifully designed, their photos are spectacular and I want to go with them to Europe…please?

I realize as I write this last little bit that most/all of these bloggers now have books and/or book deals.  That built in readership is clearly key for struggling publishers everywhere.  Ok, it’s the weekend.  Back to my Reader.

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Quick & Dirty Sites

Sometimes, if I have 10 quick minutes on the Internet, I just want to go to a quick and easy website – one that I can peruse, get a quick laugh, read a little something cute, and move on.  Here are my favorites.   Some of these sites are disturbing, others are refreshing. 

1,000 Awesome Things

Stuff White People Like

Awkward Family Photos

People of Wal-Mart

F* My Life


Cute Overload

Cake Wrecks

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Back by popular demand (Hi Maggie!!), here are links to some of my all time favorite blogs.  I’m calling this category ‘general’ because that’s honestly how I categorize them in my Google Reader.  I will say that most of these are the biggies – people who make their living from their online work.  Have book deals.  Movie deals.  And, who are  a big deal, I guess.


Stephanie Klein


Uncornered Market

The Happiness Project (love her book!)

Mighty Girl

1000 Awesome Things 

I can get lost for hours wandering around these sites.  Enjoy!

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Here are some of my favorite blogs in the “Home” and “Health” categories on my Google Reader.  Yay – happy weekend!


Love. Living. Small.

Making it Lovely

Young House Love


101 Cookbooks (healthful cooking, which is why it’s hear instead of under the Food category)

Carrots ‘n Cake

Healthy Tipping Point

The Great Fitness Experiment

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Favorite Travel Blogs

It’s Friday, so here’s a little travel inspiration.  A little background: one of the biggest goals I have for my life is to spend a year traveling around the world.  Even though I’ve done a ton of research and started saving for it, there is no solid plan in place yet or timeline.  Instead, I read about other people who have done it.  Here are some of the best sites:


Forks and Jets

Go, See, Run, Eat, Drink

Legal Nomads

I Should Log Off

Lives of Wander

The World Effect

The Road Forks

These couples, friends and individuals are an inspiring bunch.  Plus, they collectively have so much practical knowledge of locations that you will definitely want to buy a backpack and get on the road.

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Favorite Food Blogs

I am in love with my Google Reader.  It is seriously the greatest little tool ever created and when I am apart from my blog feeds for too long, I feel sad, detached and seriously out of the loop.  Since I’m such an organizer, I have my Reader segmented into nice little categories – I’m going to use my Friday posts for the next weeks to show you some of the best blogs out there.  And, I’m seriously picky, so you know if it’s on this list, it’s worth a look.

30 Bucks a Week

A Good American Wife


Cheap, Healthy, Good

Chocolate & Zucchini

Former Chef

Joy the Baker

Simply Recipes

Smitten Kitchen

A quick note: my taste in food reading changes pretty much daily.  I am sometimes interested in healthy eating, and sometimes all I want to do is look at pictures of baked goods.  In addition to these websites, if I’m just online trying to figure out what to make for dinner, I also frequently visit Epicurious and Tasty Kitchen – not so much for their blogs, but just for the recipe compilations. 

Next week: my travel blog obsession.

Happy Friday!

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