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Last night, a fun nighttime construction project started outside my window.  Jackhammers and those crazy bright white lights all gleaming and daytime-like at 3am.  I’ve been up since.  I know when I’m tired when I start working from my bed, laptop on pillow on blanket.  I’ve been here for 2 hours.

While I sit here on a conference call (being tired also makes me honest), a few updates.  It’s the fourth quarter.  In work it’s all we’ve been talking about for months (revenue, revenue!), and in life, I kind of dread the end of summer.  This is the first year I’ve made it through an honest to god sticky, smelly mid-Atlantic summer mess since college.  In more recent years, I’ve reveled and bragged about the days of perfect Maine summer weather.  So, I suppose I’m more prepared than normal to buck up and face the cold.  And I do have some cute jackets…

The end of the quarter also means I evaluate some of the goals I’ve set for myself for the year.  So, here we go, shall we?

Thus far, I’ve fully completed 12 of my 26 goals (just under 50%).  These have included visiting my sister in San Francisco, taking a class, and putting a savings in plan into place for my future travel goals.  There are several goals that will take all year to complete (i.e. read 75 books) that I’m still working toward.  It’s looking like this year that I will get to maybe 20 of my 26 goals.  I’ve also realized that some are not very measurable and therefore difficult to measure success.  I will try and work on that when I think through next year’s goals.

In addition to my ‘normal’ goals, I had a list of things I wanted to do in NYC this summer.  I’ve been updating my progress here, but basically the only things I didn’t do were kayaking on the Hudson and seeing Gotham Girls roller derby.  They’ll be at the top of my list for next year!

Oh, and I also walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, which was on my Life List – and it only took an hour (not bad for a life goal)!

P.S. As an avid reader (at least this year!), here are a few new recommendations if you’re itching for a great book: The Art of Fielding, Salvage the Bones, The Imperfectionists.  Only 15 more books to go before I wrap up this crazy goal (of course, the one I’m reading now is 500 pages…).



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