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A Walk in Williamsburg

Last weekend I was browsing a local bookstore and came across this book:

I didn’t buy it (because I love the library and who has room for another book?!?!), but I did flip through it.  All the major neighborhoods in Brooklyn are covered, and frankly my overall knowledge of that fantastic borough is sadly limited.  So, thanks to an extra day off this week, I went looking online for good resources to help me plan an official walk in Brooklyn.  I quickly stumbled upon this site which is a great resource.  I settled on the Williamsburg walk, wrote out directions in excruciating detail and headed to the Lower East Side to walk across the Williamsburg bridge.

Here are a few photos of my time:

A quick stop at the nearby stock exchange to pay homage to American capitalism.

A little street art on the bridge

What a nice way to spend a morning.  And I think I clocked about 5 miles, so now I can spend the rest of the day eating and drinking like a proper Independence Day reveler!


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Skateboarding Fail

Now that I’ve lived in ye olde Big Apple for nearly four months, I feel expert enough to make a sweeping observation.

Skateboarders don’t land their tricks.

In front of our building is skateboard paradise – a wide, sweeping sidewalk, lots of cement benches and tables for tricks, and endless rails.  In the evening, the high school age boys congregate, decked out with fancy video cameras and spotlights as they zoom around and capture each other on film.

Haven’t seen any compound fractures yet.

I think I saw this kid yesterday…

I watch this every day.

And here’s the thing.  I’ve never actually seen someone land a trick.  Ever.

So, either, our sidewalk is where bad skateboarders go to rot, or most 16-year olds who take up the hobby are in for a rude awakening.

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