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Travel Announcement!

After six excruciating months of no international travel, we have officially booked our next trip.  Amen.  How about a lovely October week spent in…

Istanbul, Turkey!

And, to answer the questions I have already been asked: Yes, I’ve always wanted to go to Turkey, No, we did not specifically plan on going there this year, Yes, we book trips solely on the basis of airline fares and got a good one with a direct flight.  Done and done.

I read an 800 page book in college about Ataturk (guy who founded modern Turkey), so it’s about time I go to see what the fuss is all about.  Oh, and that Ancient Art History class that focused an entire week on the Hagia Sophia?  Two college classes put to good use.  Thanks Mom & Dad!


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Summer 2012 NYC Bucket List

Since moving to NYC a few months back, I have made an effort to try new things, especially if they’re free or cheap.  Fortunately, as this city may be the center of the universe, there are lots of resources that help me do this.  This weekend along, I was able to attend two free events, which I heard about online.  For those who are visiting or live here, check out the Skint newsletter, and Nonsense NYC.  Also, Time Out is a great resource (oh, and the NY Times, but the events advertised there are not always particularly budget friendly).

Anyway, the purpose of this post is not to list good websites, but instead to discuss my new list that is posted prominently on my fridge.  Over Memorial Day weekend, when all the fun lists of “Don’t Miss Summer 2012” and “NYC Best Things To Do 2012” came out, I sifted through and made my own Summer 2012 bucket list.  I have actually already made tweaks to this based on feasibility (very difficult to take just ONE sailing lesson…they’re typically sold in packages).

Without further ado:

1. Go kayaking at Pier 40 (free!)

2. Brooklyn Flea Market (free!)

3. Coney Island (cheap-ish)

4. Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game (going on June 25th!)

5. Rent a bike

6. DeKalb Market (free!)

7. US Open (I used to go every year when I lived in the area – now we really have no excuse…though  you could argue this is after the summer…in September)

8. Gotham Girls Roller Derby match (only two weekends available for this, and I can’t go to one, so looks like this will be for August 11th)

9. Gay Pride Parade (free!)  The parade was today!

A tame photo from the parade. No nudity in this PG-rated blog!

10. Attend one outdoor movie (free!)

11. Attend one outdoor concert (free!)

12. Have at least one proper picnic (cheap-ish).  I didn’t move my perfect picnic blanket all the way here not to put it to use!

13. Go to one Broadway show (using tkts booth…NOT free!)

Looking forward to a fun summer!


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Nerd Alert – Books

Each year, in December, I do a review process where I think about what’s happened over the year, what went well, what didn’t, and what goals I want to make for the following year.  One of the goals I’ve been working toward all year is to read 75 books in 2012.  Of those 75, I am also hoping to read all of the New York Times best books of 2011, and five more books on the TIME best book list.

Even as an avid reader, this is a lofty goal but I’ve been plugging away at it.  As a new month is upon us, I calculated my running total for the year.  I also have some great recommendations for great reads, if you’re so inclined.


Read 75 books in 2012

Average books per month: 6.25

Tracked Progress:

Books read: 33.5 (the 0.5 is a book on tape I was listening to on a trip and never finished)

Average books per month so far: 6.70

Remaining books: 41.5

Remaining books per month required: 5.92

(Prior to May I was falling behind on these metrics, but read 10 books in the month – thank you Hunger Games trilogy which I devoured)

Of the books I’ve read, I’ve managed to finish four of the 10 NY Times recommendations and am in the middle of the fifth.  I’ve also read one of the books on the TIME list (Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson).


I keep track of my books and note the ones that I love.  Here are a few recommendations.

Blood, Bones and Butter

I Was Told There’d Be Cake

The Weird Sisters

The Leftovers


The Hunger Games (all)

The Art of Fielding (still in the middle of this one but I’m loving it)

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