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Back for More Fun…

Hello World.

My absence from the blog has once again been marked by major life upheaval – last June-December I was changing jobs and commuting 4 hours and during this hiatus, we moved to the Big Apple.  It also isn’t really in my vocabulary not to be perfect, so the more I didn’t write, the more I didn’t want to write and admit that I hadn’t wrote, and the vicious cycle continued.

But a few days ago, a co-worker asked for tips about traveling to Asia, and I directed her here.  That night, I also sat down and re-read through our all of our Asia trip posts from Jan 2011 and what a hoot that was!  I kept hitting Drew, saying ‘we are so funny!’ And, of course the inevitable, ‘when are we doing a trip like that again??’

Well, until that time comes, it seems a little silly to let a perfectly good space on the Interwebs sit idle.  Even though we’ve been busy moving from Maine to NYC, downsizing, adjusting to city life, and working our butts off, I have still found time to pursue my yearly goals, and knock a few items of my life list.

Our beautiful picturesque new digs in NYC

Also, now that we live in what many people consider to be THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, it seems only fitting that I fill some space talking about what our life is shaping up to look like.  I mean, who doesn’t want to hear about how it took me 2 hours today to go to the farmer’s market, grocery store and drug store.  Because I had to walk.  In 85 degree heat.  Ok, I’m totally not complaining about weather – figure I should be done with that after moving away from the Arctic – but it just comes so easily for me!

Our new view – of New Jersey.

In order not to derail to quickly, I’m putting a few rules in place for myself to encourage regular writing.  First, carry my camera with me.  Not my fancy DSLR, but my little point and shoot.  The more pics I take, the more likely I am to want to share them with someone other than Facebook.  Second, write on the train.  I commute (I’m the queen of commuting, though this is my shortest in many years!) via train, so I have about 5-6 hours per week of uninterrupted time.  Sometimes I do have to do ‘real work’ but other times, I’m plowing through books or watching other wearing commuters.  Add this to the list!


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