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Not Gone…

…just busy.

A month back or so I was in the midst of a series of life and career changing decisions, that weren’t quite ready for prime time public view.  You have to be careful of things like that.  Then I went to Florida and my parents came to visit and I officially graduated from Boston College, and I had photographed a wedding and mowed the lawn a lot.  And this site fell off of my frequently-visited sites and out of my frequent thoughts.  And then I left a job where I’ve spent five years, started a new job that involves a four hour commute and I’ve needed to spend my energy getting used to being a crazy driver in Southern New England once again.

I’m excited about the changes, embracing a new (but not so new) work challenge, considering the future.  In the meantime, it’s finally summer.  And all that complaining about the weather that I did all winter and spring is not banished because it’s SUMMER IN NEW ENGLAND, truly one of the most wonderful inventions in the history of the universe.  Open windows, warm days, cool nights…I’ll trust that you know where I’m going with this.

I am going to spend my car ride tomorrow night thinking about the best way to continue to write here without going crazy with too much stuff in my life.  And now I’m going to hang out outside where I belong.


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