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I promise this is the last time I will complain about the weather of the newly passed winter.  Pinky swear.  After spending January in flip-flops, while our home was battered with weekly blizzards, we hoped that February and March would be good to our thinned blood.  Um, no.  Old Man Winter had his way with the Northeast in early 2011, and all I can say as we approach April is good riddance!  Actually, I hear that our first April weekend might see some snow!?!?!  Seriously?!?!?  How is one supposed to remain sane during this cruel April Fools joke?

Anyway, I thought I would post a few shots that I took over the past couple months – the first snowy series is from mid-February, and the last couple are from last weekend (end of March).  What a difference a month makes, true, but these non-snowy pictures were taken in 30 degree temps, so it’s not as amazing as it looks.  And we still have a snow pile on our driveway.  Hello April.

Basil clearly doesn't mind the snow in his eye.

this picture is of the 'shallow' area that we dig for him to run in.

the melting snow means that the ground is atwitter with good smells and dead animals

Clearly, the line between winter and spring is still a little blurry in these parts

And with that, my lips are sealed and my complaining finished for the year….unless we have a crazy Nor’easter like we did back in 2006 that people still talk about and then I can’t promise anything…


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