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So many goals, so little time...

I am sick of being realistic.  In my corporate life, it’s my job to ask questions like, “What’s a realistic timeline for x, y or z to be completed?”  Or, “What is a realistic budget for this endeavor?”  At work, my ability to do this quickly and efficiently has made me successful.  My ability to be realistic is a real strength.

In other parts of my life, however, I hate being realistic. 

For instance, if I was always realistic, I would never have chosen to commute two states away for graduate school.  The prospect of commuting like that for several years was tiring, riddled with obstacles, and arguably unnecessary.  Now that it’s all over, and I have my degree in hand, I’m glad I didn’t consider the realistic reasons why I shouldn’t follow this dream.

Another example of this was the recent trip Drew and I took to Asia.  Lots of things about this adventure were unrealistic.  From asking for time off from work, to making sure we had enough money to sustain us on the road and cover our expenses at home, to leaving our furkid Basil for five weeks, to planning the entire thing, etc., etc.  I mean, there’s a reason why people don’t take off on these adventures all the time, right?  They’re just not realistic.  Well, thank goodness we did because it was an amazing journey that expanded our worldview. 

As remarkable non-conformist Chris Guillebeau said in a recent article:

I’m not saying (realistic is) a bad word, that there’s no logic to it, or that it’s completely irrelevant. I’m just saying… who cares whether something is realistic or not? You might as well leave this word to the cynics—let them have it. Let them own it. It won’t do you any good anyway.

I have some aggressive goals for myself over the next two years that I agree may be unrealistic according to many.  Well, frankly, I don’t care.  Unrealistic things happen every single day, so why should I be any different?  I want to have a life where unrealistic (and amazing) things happen, so I’ll continue to set my unrealistic goals and reach for my unrealistic dreams and just watch them all come true!


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