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Lots of Excuses

Here is my list of excuses for not writing a thing here since…well, last Saturday I think (and honestly, I wrote that post on Friday, so there you go).

1. I went to Meadville, PA (a sleepy little town north of Pittsburgh) to visit my sister who is in college at Allegheny College.  I’ll write an entire post about that once I can bother to get the pics off my camera.

2. I was delayed returning from PA thanks to foggy weather on the East Coast.  That’s what we get in September.

3. I am running part of a marathon this coming Sunday so I need to run, not write.

4. I hadn’t done yoga for over a week so I had to fit in a class yesterday.

5. My friend Tina had a baby (Hi Holden!!) on Monday so I visited her in the hospital.

6. I’m working on promoting the workshop I’m hosting next month, so I have been working on fliers, Facebook events and emails.

7.  Oh, and work.

8. Let’s not forget graduate school.

Once I’ve cleared some space in my life (maybe this weekend?!?!), I will be back on board.  I want to make sure to take pictures of the turning leaves, and I just got the last Steig Larsson novel in the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, so I’ll be reading that if you need me.  Peace.

(too busy for a picture…I’m outta here)


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I’m not going to share the entire story here yet, mostly because I’ve been repeating it a lot lately.  Bottom line, I’m helping host a day-long workshop for Gutsy Girls in Portland!  I’m working hard to plan my marketing assault and I’ve been busy recruiting panelists and finding a space.  The workshop leader is Molly of Stratejoy

Registration is here (this means you Kim!).

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Nothing like having family in town to inspire sightseeing, right?  My mother-in-law was visiting last week.  She used to live in Maine so she knows basically all there is to see, which makes her visits easy.  One of her favorite things to do when she comes to town is to have lunch in Perkins Cove – a small village near the summer mecca of Ogunquit.  Last weekend was gorgeous, and there were lots of folks trolling the streets of Ogunquit but little Perkins Cove was still *relatively* calm and quiet (it’s all relative here when folks are on vacation). 

MC Perkins Cove is our restaurant of choice.  It used to be the Hurricane, but now it’s owned by the same guys of Arrows Restaurant fame (Mark and Clark…hence, the MC).  We spent a leisurely lunch overlooking the water.  I’ve been here three times, always with the in-laws, and we always get the same waterfront table.  It’s wonderful. 

Drew - waiting for me to stop taking so many pictures...


After lunch we took a nice walk around town, watched the boats, saw the beautiful summer houses and stumbled upon George Bush Sr. having lunch nearby.  The Bush family is in Maine a lot (their summer compound – funny how presidents’ houses are called compounds – is in nearby Kennebunkport) and brought their boat and Secret Service entourage to lunch here. 


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Too Cute for Words…

This is a few days late – things have been crazy this week and I haven’t had a chance to write anything.  Last weekend, Drew and I puppy-sat for an afternoon for Otis, a 9 week old black lab.  I forgot how much work puppies are – you absolutely cannot leave them alone for one single second.  I also realize that having a dog already makes puppies a little easier since I can basically tell when they need to go to the bathroom – thanks to my due diligence, no accidents!

Eating moss - looks tasty

notice the leaf in the mouth - classy

Puppies are so freakin’ cute, but I must admit – taking care of Otis reconfirmed that I am definitely NOT ready for another dog.  Plus, I think Basil is less than happy to have another dog in his house.  Understandably.

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Today is not a good day to be sick.  It’s Friday, first of all.  Who wants to be sick on a Friday?  My mother-in-law is in town visiting and I am terrible company.  I keep going to bed early and missing out on the fun conversation.  I have more relatives visiting this weekend that I practically never see and who definitely don’t want to spend a nice dinner sitting across from the nose-blowing girl.  Plus I’ve been, well, foggy at work, so during meetings I have to remind people that I might not remember what they just said.  Not to mention that it’s September which means back to school and homework and the need to be productive.  So there’s that. 

I need some more Dayquil.  Excuse me…

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Coming Clean

I don’t know why I do it to myself.  My urge to travel frequently and extensively just gets the better of me.  I feel like I should be satisfied with my already frequent trips, or if that doesn’t do it, our upcoming Southeast Asian adventure should do the trick and quash my need to torture myself with the stories of others.  But it doesn’t.  Instead, I read about the travels of singles, couples and families voraciously and with a pang of envy.  I get newsletters, catalogs, mailings.  Can I not get enough?

Last night I attended my first in-person travel event.  I was in Boston for class and worked from there for the day so I could do the whole two birds, one stone thing.  The event: Meet, Plan, Go.  Held in 13 cities simultaneously in North America.  Hundreds, if not thousands of people listening to panels of travelers, hearing the stories of bloggers we’ve read for years.  Meeting travel-blogging “celebrities” – and yes, those do exist.

And, just like I expected, it was great!  The panel was enthusiastic (obviously!) and informed.  Fellow audience members were just like me!  The guy sitting next to me is quitting his job TODAY to travel beginning next month.  Yikes.  I have a very small chance of winning one of three world trips which is cool.  I won this game called Bananagrams which I’ve never heard of but should be fun for a long plane ride.  Basically, going to the event in Boston was like finally admitting that “My name is Julie and I am a travelling addict.”  Get a grip girl!

And that’s all I have to say about that!

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It's the Moosewood!

The Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York, is a vegetarian institution.  My mom has (or had!) one of the early editions  of the Moosewood Cookbook, this handwritten picture-free tome that only had healthy recipes.  I remember specific recipes calling for whole wheat flour, and while that’s a common ingredient these days, back in the 1980s my parents were basically the only people I knew who had it on hand. 

A quick aside, my parents were also members of a healthy food co-op (aptly named the John Lennon Memorial Food Co-op) with several of their ‘alternative’ friends.  There was this truck that came to our house once a month or so and dropped off tons of whole wheat spaghetti (another product that used to be gross), unsweetened yogurt (hated it as a kid) and sparkling Knudsen’s juice (which we kids weren’t allowed to drink). My mom would sort all the food by family and each family would come to our house to pick up and pay for their loot.  I know that food co-ops are also not very uncommon these days but they were definitely a rarity back then.

So, back to Moosewood.  Using all of her natural food purchases, my mom cooked faithfully out of her stained and well worn cookbook for years!  I didn’t realize until many years later that there was an actual restaurant by the same name and that it’s founder, Mollie Katzen, was something of a natural foods legend.  During my recent trip to Ithaca, I had to go.  Fortunately, my sis and her boyfriend don’t go there too often and we had a nice, if simple, meal. 

Honestly, as far as actual food goes, I wasn’t blown away.  It was basically vegetarian home cooking (they’re not exclusively vegetarian but close enough), and we had plenty of that growing up.  Also, on Sunday nights, the Moosewood does an ethnic theme night, and the night we went was Eastern European.  There were 3-5 appetizer options and 3-5 entrees but that was basically it. 

To sum it up, I’m so glad I finally went to the Moosewood Restaurant but not because of the food.  It’s a place to pay homage to, which we did!

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